Blue Shell, Köln
Do, 14.05.2020
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr
Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
14,00 € zzgl. Gebühren

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“Dear Weirdos, We are sorry to announce that by mutual agreement with our partners our May dates cannot go ahead due to the worsening situation with the global CORONA VIRUS pandemic. Touring is our LIFE and we would do anything to avoid this but we must put the safety of our fans, our crew and indeed ourselves first right now. We have been holding on and waiting to see if things would improve but as this crisis spreads it seems there is no choice but to change the plans, we hope you understand. If you bought a ticket for our forthcoming shows, please contact your ticket agent in order to begin the refund process. Unfortunately as there is no definitive end-date to this pandemic it would not be appropriate to risk a repeat of this situation, opting instead in favour of announcing new dates at the earliest convenience – once things have settled down. Thank you for sticking by us during these times and know that we’ll always be here for you too – you know how to contact us. Much love from your friends in VUKOVI”